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Three Key Factors That Influence a Horse’s Performance in Racing

Each racehorse has unique characteristics and preferences that can affect how near to peak form performs. That’s why it is crucial to evaluate all external aspects while analysing a horse race. These elements can all affect how

The Right Dress for Female Jockeys

During a horse race, the rider will need to wear a regulation outfit. This ensemble will include a helmet to protect their head. The jockey’s colours will also be showcased so that spectators can differentiate each horse.

Horse Riding And Nicotine Pouches

Being a jockey is hard work. The person has to train constantly with their horse in order to increase their chances of winning. Those who succeed professionally in this sport need to have a serious drive. However,

Can Jockeys Undergo Augmentation?

Thanks to cutting edge innovations in medicine, the augmentation industry has dramatically improved. Women can now get round breast implants that both look and feel surprisingly natural. However, if the client works as a self-employed jockey, they

The Most Famous Horses in Horseracing History

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports in the world. Many horses and the jockeys riding them have entered history books for their great performances. Some of the horses which take part in these competitions have

Starting A Horse Business

With there being so many options to choose from for starting up a business it can be a little challenging to decide on one. What is important is that the new business owner chooses one in an

Osteoarthritis in Horses

Osteoarthritis is an illness of the joints. It causes deterioration of the bones and joint cartilages. It is a disease that mostly affects creatures of middle age and above. The illness is not only found in human

Beginner’s Guide to Horse Riding

Horse riding is one of the most thrilling activities one can engage in. It combines the skill and daring nature of man, and the strength of a beast, to produce some of the most jaw-dropping performances. It