Starting A Horse Business

With there being so many options to choose from for starting up a business it can be a little challenging to decide on one. What is important is that the new business owner chooses one in an industry that they are passionate about. For those who have a passion for horses, there are some great opportunities to turn this liking into a business.

Starting a Livery Stable

For those who have the land to dedicate to this type of business, they have completed the first step. However, there are many more decisions to be made before launching the business. The first question is will the land be easy to access for clients who want to be able to board their horses? This means looking at the potential target market. Are there enough customers in the local area to support this type of business? If the answer is yes then moving onto the next stage can begin.

Expanding The Services

Many start with a simple offering of the services of boarding the horses. Then from there, they can grow the business in other categories. Some of the options are:

  • Offering trail rides: Many people love to ride horses but have no intention of owning one. Finding a place where they can go for a trail ride along with family and friends can be a great addition to a livery business.
  • Riding Lessons: Many who start a livery stable are very experienced when it comes to horses. They are seasoned riders. There is an option here to offer riding lessons. By doing so it can expand the target market and help to grow the business.
  • Breeding: If the stables are big enough then there may be an option for the stable to own a few quality horses and offer breeding services. This is a big undertaking and requires a different skill set but can be very lucrative financially.