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Hoof Maintenance Prevents Problems

Like human nails, a horse hoof requires proper nutrition, moisture, and trimming. Proper care helps to keep the foot healthy, improving balance and pr

Three Steps for Successful Breeding

If you're a first-time breeder, there are several considerations to keep in mind, to ensure that your mare is healthy enough to bring a young foal int

Managing Manure

Every year, a horse owner will haul away about 12 tons of soiled bedding and manure per horse. Developing a system to move, store, and discard the exc

Remedy Foal Rejection

Your family's giddy over the birth of a baby horse. The elation subsides considerably when the mare rejects the foal. It doesn't happen often, but whe

Two Ways to Keep Your Horse Warm in Cold Weather

Horses have natural body heat. As a horse's metabolism burns food, it diverts the energy to maintain the body temperature automatically during cold we