Can Jockeys Undergo Augmentation?

Thanks to cutting edge innovations in medicine, the augmentation industry has dramatically improved. Women can now get round breast implants that both look and feel surprisingly natural. However, if the client works as a self-employed jockey, they might be concerned about whether these procedures can affect their job. The good news is that Motiva offers people services that will not hinder their horse riding ability.

A Legacy of Female Jockeys

In the past, the vast majority of jockeys were male. However, thanks to a push for gender equality, there are many more women who engage in steeplechase racing professionally. It was not until 1982 that the first woman entered the Grand National. Her name was Geraldine Rees. Nearly 30 years later, Rachael Blackmore actually won the race.

Life Outside of the Jockey Profession

Even though becoming a jockey requires a lot of time and training, the person will have a life outside of it. They might want to attain Motiva round breast implants for purely personal reasons. For example, they may be seeking more control over their body shape. These procedures can also boost the client’s confidence. On the other hand, it is vital that the implants do not impede the person’s riding ability.

This is not simply because they want to earn the first-place prize. Being a jockey is very dangerous. If they make a mistake, it can lead to injuries that are debilitating or life-threatening. One of the benefits of Motiva implants is the fact that they allow the person to maintain a high level of mobility. Consequently, the person’s racing skills will not be affected.

Minimising Distractions as Much as Possible

Another factor is comfort. Both horse racing and dressage require the participant to be very focused. If they feel discomfort from recent implants, it will put them off their game. However, it is a common misconception that these procedures cause long term irritation. In fact, modern implants are often designed to feel natural. Reliable cosmetic surgeons recognise the fact that client wellbeing is a priority. When jockeys use the Motiva website, it will put them in touch with these kinds of professionals. Together they can decide on an action plan to give the patient the body that they have always wanted.

The Role of a Jockey’s Attire

During races, a jockey will wear a specific traditional outfit. It will include a silk shirt and helmet. Colours and patterns are utilised to represent the owner of the horse. If the person has their heart set on getting round breast implants, then they need to factor this attire into the procedure. It is essential that their figure fits nicely into the horse riding clothes.