Olympic Tradition is Rich with Equestrian Champions

So you want to go to the Olympics. It’s going to take a heap of money and a dedicated group of professionals to help you make it, including a coach and veterinarian. Also, don’t forget that your horse has got to be top-notch to beat some of the world’s best equine competitors. Still, with dedication and skill, you’ve got a shot to medal in one of the three equestrian sports featured at the Olympics; stadium jumping, dressage, and eventing.

Practice, Practice, Practice

As an Olympian, you’ll compete as part of a team. However, you must perform well individually. Local riding clubs offer you the opportunity to show skills in competitions. It’s one way to prepare for the rigours and strict requirements imposed upon riders at the higher-level events. A coach who is well-versed in horse riding, equestrian events and rules will increase a rider’s chance for success. You can win by training with someone with the experience to help you learn to manage the horse for your preferred sport.


To learn to compete, you’ve actually got to do it, and competitions are held around the globe for qualified riders. An International Equestrian Federation governs the young rider programmes. Competitions are not limited to young riders, though. There is no age-limit imposed on equestrian events. At whichever age you get the inspiration to compete, you’re welcome to do so, as long as you qualify by showing well in recognised events.


Once you’ve entered a few events and done well, you may begin to receive some recognition. At some point in their career, a rider may change coaches, as he moves to participate in more demanding competitions. Your own horse may serve you initially. Typically, Olympic participants ride expensive horses which are bred to win. International competition is fierce, and you’ve got to up your game to stay in the running for the medal.

Dreams of equine Olympic glory are not far-fetched. Many a rider stayed at home wishing that it was so, before winning the gold medal. However, there is a step-by-step process which begins with learning the proper techniques, practice, and entering competitions, which will prepare you for international competition. Everyone who stands on the Olympic podium first dedicates their life to achieving excellence in the equine field.