Top Three Ways to Keep Your Horse Healthy

Keeping your horse healthy is more than a notion. It takes planning and individualised care. Every horse has its own set of quirks, including preferences about food, socialisation, and time in the pasture. Here are three sure-fire ways to keep your horse in optimal health, by taking its own feelings into consideration.

Favourite Feed

Your horse deserves high-quality feed and hay. An animal’s health relies on what it eats. So don’t skimp. Get the good stuff.


Horses like companionship. Buy another horse or figure out ways to introduce horse relationships into your horse’s life. It may help keep your equine in good spirits.

Vet Check</h2>

Don’t forget to give your horse annual trips to the veterinarian to ensure optimal health. It’s important to let a professional review your horse’s body.

Believe it or not, horses have emotions, feelings, and preferences. If you learn your animal’s unique language, it may communicate with you when it’s hot or cold, sad or happy, hungry or full. Take the time to get to know your animal. Create a schedule around its unique requirements, such as companionship, food, and free time. Paying attention to your horse’s needs will go a long way toward having a happier, healthier animal.