How Smart is Your Horse?

Can horses express opinions and tell you how they feel? Scientists from Norway think so. In a research study, they’ve uncovered that horses are smarter than initially perceived. By studying several different breeds, the researchers discovered that horses can differentiate between symbols, to indicate whether they’d like a blanket or not if the animal is hot or cold.

It’s a breakthrough into how humans view the equine animals. According to a similar study, horses were able to tell their owners specific preferences. It seems horse communication is not only possible, but it’s also happening on a variety of levels. Horses can think and reason. Not too long ago, some questioned whether or not horses even had emotions. Today, most experts and pet owners accept that horses and other animals exhibit emotions, like fear, anger, and love.

Research shows us that horses can discern facial expressions, interpret body language, and make attempts to capture the caregivers for specific reasons. These fantastic discoveries about horse intelligence are sparking increased interest in studying the subject. Who knows? Perhaps one day, someone will create a sign language for our four-legged friends.