Four Ways to Keep Your Horse’s Teeth Healthy

If your horse’s teeth are hurting, he’ll let you know. Several tell-tale signs will alert you that your animal needs dental care. If he’s losing weight, spitting out food, or has a bad smell coming from his mouth, the teeth may need help. The only option is to visit the vet. Here are four preventative measures to keep your horse’s teeth healthier longer.

Dental Checks

Monitor your horse’s teeth and take them to the vet regularly, every six months or annually for older horses.

Stay Alert

There is a long list of symptoms for dental problems. Pay attention to your horse’s mouth. If its jaw is swelling, eating habits change, or he has a hard time chewing, the horse should receive immediate veterinarian care.

Qualified Vet

Not all vets are the same. Check your vet’s education to ensure he or she can treat dental problems.


Healthy teeth reflect a nutritious diet. Make sure that your horse receives the proper food with supplemental vitamins if required.

Dental care for horses is similar to human tooth care. Start early by monitoring changes to the horse’s teeth. Go for regular check-ups, and immediately seek a vet’s help, if there is a problem.