Jump Start Your Equestrian Sporting Career

If you’ve ever run track and field, you’ll understand equestrian jumping. Like the hurdles, a horse and its rider leap over obstacles on a course during a specific period. A rider faults, if the horse refuses to jump the barrier or knocks it during the jump. As one of the most popular equestrian sports, jumping takes years to master. However, the obstacles don’t stop horse enthusiasts from trying to conquer the course, one jump at a time.


Equestrian events require the rider to wear attire which is comfortable, such as light-coloured breeches. Any coloured riding jacket is acceptable, but it should fit well. Many riders wear tailored attire for the occasion, and riding boots, hats, and shirts are a must. Acceptable riding hats must meet safety standards. The shirts are light, pastel-coloured, sporting a white collar, and many competitions require riders to wear a tie underneath the jacket.


Horse jumping is a partnership between the rider and the animal. The horse’s athletic ability and the rider’s responsiveness come together to increase the odds of winning the competition. As such, it is vital to pick a horse with a good temperament and superior strength, agility, and stamina.

In 1900, the Olympic games included horse jumping as one of its competitive sports. The sporting event has developed since, and audiences across the globe enjoy it. Competitions offer novice jumpers easier obstacles with lower fences. Professional jumpers overcome obstacles up to seven feet tall. Various jumping events with elaborate course designs make for challenging, but exciting competition for audiences and participants alike.