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Top Three Ways to Keep Your Horse Healthy

Keeping your horse healthy is more than a notion. It takes planning and individualised care. Every horse has its own set of quirks, including preferen

Fancy Freestyle Routines Entertain Equine Enthusiasts

Freestyle dressage is an art form, as horse and rider work as a team to perform technically complicated routines to win high scores. The artistry is j

British Horse Racing Stopped Cold by Equine Flu

The BBC is reporting that British officials are set to resume horse racing in the UK after they worked together to ensure the safety and health of par

Three Steps for Successful Breeding

If you're a first-time breeder, there are several considerations to keep in mind, to ensure that your mare is healthy enough to bring a young foal int

Managing Manure

Every year, a horse owner will haul away about 12 tons of soiled bedding and manure per horse. Developing a system to move, store, and discard the exc

Remedy Foal Rejection

Your family's giddy over the birth of a baby horse. The elation subsides considerably when the mare rejects the foal. It doesn't happen often, but whe

Jump Start Your Equestrian Sporting Career

If you've ever run track and field, you'll understand equestrian jumping. Like the hurdles, a horse and its rider leap over obstacles on a course duri

Experience the Elegance and Artistry of Dressage

It looks simple. Those in the know understand that dressage, a competition where a horse and rider compete by performing an advanced sequence of movem

Does DNA Influence a Horse Race?

Horses bought and bred for speed and endurance are the cornerstone of today's billion-dollar racing industry. For centuries, owners have tracked elite

How Smart is Your Horse?

Can horses express opinions and tell you how they feel? Scientists from Norway think so. In a research study, they've uncovered that horses are smarte